Vigil HighSafe is an anti-crush protective system with various levels of protection designed to offer contractors a product of choice that suits their requirements.

How Vigil HighSafe works?

Product Range

Operator 1 Entrapment causes operator to activate pressure bar 2 System activates IMMEDIATELY 3 3 Activation starts Visual and Audio Alarm, alerting the other team 4 4 Ground controls are used to reverse the bucket and bring it back to ground 5
There are range of Vigil HighSafe products designed and developed to suit the end-use contractor’s purpose and the range consists of the following devices:

Level I - Vigil HighSafe Protection Guard (VPG)

Vigil HighSafe Protection Guard (VPG) is a level I physical safety guard that is installed on articulating or telescopic boom lifts and is designed to protect operators in the event of an overhead or mid-body level crushing scenario due to obstacles such as girders, beam, heavy structures, cables or other obstructions present at the height at which the manlift is being operated. The VPG is a protective structure made from steel that can be easily installed a variety of manlift platforms and is designed to withstand impact force from potential crushing items while maintaining a safe working zone for the operator on the platform. The VPG is designed to fit almost all standard sized platforms of 6' and 8' length and are also available in custom sizes to fit other non-standard type boom lifts.

Level II - Vigil HighSafe Protection and Alert System (VPAS)

Vigil HighSafe Protection and Alert System (VPAS) is a level II protection & alert system to be installed on articulating or telescopic boom lifts and is designed to provide protection to operators in the event of entrapment or crushing due to contact with overhead obstacles and entrapment between them and the platform control panel. The VPAS is a horizontal bar which consists of a pressure bar sensitive device that is installed in the vicinity of the control panel at a position that can make contact with the operator in case he encounters a crushing event and is pushed toward the control panel of the lift. In such an event the pressure bar senses the force of the operator due to entrapment between the high level obstacle and control panel and is activated immediately. Upon activation the control panel function is disabled thus preventing any further movement of the boom and visual and audible alarms are also triggered to alert other personnel of the situation so they can take corrective action by activating ground panel control and retracting the boom to a safe position leading to release of the operator from the entrapped position.

Level III - Vigil HighSafe Usonic Protection and Alert System (VUPAS)

Vigil HighSafe Usonic Protection and Alert System (VUPAS) is a level III enhanced protection and alert system that is combined with VPAS. It utilizes ultrasonic sensors which can be installed on the platform and is designed to provide enhanced intelligent protection to operators by providing a pre-crushing visual warning therefore preventing an entrapment or crushing scenario. This product enhances the safety function of VPAS in that it issues a visual alert whenever it senses a potential entrapment hazard by utilizing an array of ultrasonic sensors placed at various locations on the platform that barely hinders any line of sight vision of the operator and forms a virtual protective cloud above the operator alerting him of potential entrapment situations.
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